We are Physicists, Chemists, Biologists and Technology developpers working at the interface between disciplines. Our work is focused on microfluidics as a means to control soft-matter and biochemical systems. We use the microfluidic technology to tackle questions in Biology and Health using new High Throughput Screening methods and we develop new microfluidic approaches in the field of Bottom-up Synthetic Biology for the construction of artificial cells. Our ambition is to provide experimental systems usable to test hypothesis on the origin of life and on the creation of artificial living systems.

Keywords : Microfluidics, Active Soft Interfaces, Biotechnology, High-throughput Screening, Single cells, Synthetic Biology.

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De l'IUF vers l'ERC

We organize a meeting From IUF to ERC on April 12 (2019) in Paris.
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Our ITN Network is starting ! 10+ Research groups are gathering to provide new droplet-based microfluidic technologies for Directed Evolution applications.
Summary of the Project

PhD awarded

Michael Morvan and Aurelie Vigne have both successfully defended their PhD thesis and are now Doctors of the University of Bordeaux !
Congratulations and thanks to the Jury members for joining the defense !


JCB joins the board of the Institut Universitaire de France as a representative for Physics.

Microfluidics for Synthetic Biology and Health application

We organize a workshop in Bordeaux on microfluidics for Synthetic biology and Health applications.
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Emulseo is created !
Emulseo is a provider of formulations for droplet-based microfluidics
Feel free to contact the team if you need formulations for digital PCR applications, next generation sequencing, or cell-based assays.

Out of equilibrium compartments

See the press releases of our Nature Communications paper:
CNRS (In French)
University of Bordeaux (In French)
Max Planck Society (In German / English)

Hihlight in Physics of our PRL robots paper !

More infos available in the Physics Focus article.
A short article (in French) is also available in the newspaper Sud Ouest article

Top 100 Chemistry - Scientific reports

Two papers from the group are in the Top 100 Chemistry Papers in Scientific Reports (2017)

Congrats to Mathias for his sorting paper and to Ouriel and Heng for their cell counting paper.

Top 100 Chemistry

Latest Group Publications

Droplet-based microfluidics
T. Moragues, D. Arguijo,
T. Beneyton, C. Modavi, K. Simutis, A.R. Abate, J.-C. Baret, A.J. de Mello, D. Densmore, and A.D. Griffiths
Nature Reviews Methods Primers (2023)
A new-to-nature carboxylation module to improve natural and synthetic CO2 fixation
M. Scheffen, D.G. Marchal, T. Beneyton, S. K. Schuller, M. Klose, C. Diehl, J. Lehmann, P. Pfister, M. Carrillo, H. He, S. Aslan, N. S. Cortina, P. Claus, D. Bollschweiler, J.-C. Baret, J. M. Schuller, J. Zarzycki, A. Bar-Even and T. J. Erb
Nature Catalysis (2021)
pdfOpen Access

PhD Thesis in the Group

Members Side Publications

Droplet-based microfluidic high-throughput screening of heterologous enzymes secreted by the yeast Yarrowia lipolytica
T. Beneyton, S. Thomas, A. D. Griffiths, J.-M. Nicaud, A. Drevelle and T. Rossignol
Microbial Cell Factories, 16:18
High-throughput screening of filamentous fungi using nanoliter-range droplet-based microfluidics
T. Beneyton, I. Putu Mahendra Wijaya, P. Postros, M. Najah, P. Leblond, A. Couvent, E. Mayot, A. D. Griffiths & A. Drevelle
Scientific Reports, 6, 27223
Particle recognition in microfluidic applications using a template matching algorithm
M. Girault, M. Odaka, H. Kim, K. Matsuura, H. Terazono, K.Yasuda
JPN. J. Appl. Phys., 55
Open Access
Fluorosurfactants for applications in catalysis
Q. Jochyms, E. Mignard, J.-M. Vincent
J. Fluor. Chem., 177, 11-18.
Clinical relevance of KRAS-mutated subclones detected with picodroplet digital PCR in advanced colorectal cancer treated with anti-EGFR therapy
P. Laurent-Puig,
D. Pekin, C. Normand, S.K. Kotsopoulos, P. Nizard, K. Perez-Toralla, R. Rowell, J. Olson, P. Srinivasan, D. Le Corre, T. Hor, Z. El Harrak, X. Li, D.R. Link, O. Bouché, J.F. Emile, B. Landi, V. Boige, J.B. Hutchison, V. Taly
Clin Cancer Res., 1;21(5):1087-97.
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